My Camera
My Work

I’m Kestas Vilnius, a photographer who specialises in portrait, landscape, architectural, wedding and other events photography.

My passion for photography began 10 years ago when I first picked up a camera, since then, I’ve never been without it.

Despite the fact that there are plenty of digital cameras on the market these days, my heart still belongs to the traditional camera. I love the fact that it gives you the opportunity to explore the whole artistic process, since you cannot see your shots immediately.

Photography is a kind of meditation to me. Often at dawn, I take my backpack and my camera, get on my bike and set off down the road. Not because I am expecting to capture mesmerising shots, but for the creative journey itself.

My style is minimalistic, pure and unpolished. I aim to reveal the natural beauty of the world, complete with all of its perfect imperfections. For this reason, I hardly ever use editing programs.